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LOVE IN COUNTRY paperback cover

Print cover, LOVE IN COUNTRY by Richard Gayton. Northampton House Press, 2024, paperback edition. Fiction.

COYOTE WEATHER paperback cover

Print cover, COYOTE WEATHER by Amanda Cockrell. Northampton House Press, 2023, paperback edition. Fiction.

MHMH paperback cover

Print cover, MANY HEADS AND MANY HANDS by Mau VanDuren. Northampton House Press, 2022 paperback edition. Nonfiction. Barnes & Noble:

MUL final cover

Print cover, MY UNEXPECTED LIFE by Martina Clark. Northampton House Press, 2021. Memoir. Amazon:


Print cover, AMERICAN BOURBON by Jennifer Jenkins. Northampton House Press, 2021. Fiction. Amazon:

NBZ Venice display cover FINAL 7-10-20

Print cover, THE NIGHT BAZAAR: VENICE edited by Lenore Hart. Northampton House Press, 2020. Fantasy anthology. Third place in IPPY Awards for cover design. Amazon:

IAP eBook cover

Print hardcover, IN ANOTHER PLACE by Susan Mailer. Northampton House Press, 2019. Memoir. Barnes & Noble:

OPC display cover print 7-10-20

Print cover, OTHER PEOPLE'S CRAZY by Gregory Fletcher. Northampton House Press, 2020. Young adult fiction. Amazon:

The Night Bazaar

Print cover, THE NIGHT BAZAAR, various authors, edited by Lenore Hart. Northampton House Press, 2017. Fantasy anthology. Amazon:

The Shiloh Project

eBook cover, THE SHILOH PROJECT by D.C. Poyer. Northampton House Press, 2017. Fiction. Amazon:

Murderer's Wake

Print cover, MURDERER'S WAKE by J.C. Alonso Jr. Northampton House Press, 2017. Fiction/thriller. Amazon:

Devil's Key

Print cover, DEVIL'S KEY by Elisabeth Graves. Northampton House Press, 2016. Fiction. Amazon:

The Horses

eBook cover, THE HORSES by Elaine Walker. Rolling Olive Press, 2016. Fiction. Amazon:

The Heir

Audiobook icon, THE HEIR by Barbara Taylor Bradford. Macmillan Audio, 2015. Fiction. Barnes & Noble:

Riding with Lightness

Print cover, THE SCIENCE AND ART OF RIDING WITH LIGHTNESS by Robert Stodulka, D.V.M. Xenophon Press, 2015. Nonfiction. Amazon:

Stepfather Bank

Print cover, STEPFATHER BANK by D.C. Poyer. Northampton House Press, 2016. Science Fiction. Amazon:

White Continent

Print cover, WHITE CONTINENT by David Poyer. Northampton House Press, 2015. Science fiction. Amazon:

The Shards of Heaven

Audiobook icon, THE SHARDS OF HEAVEN by Michael Livingston. Macmillan Audio, 2015. Fantasy. Audible:

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